«Nizhny Novgorod» is the first owner of Khairetdinov Cup
«Нижний Новгород» стал первым обладателем Кубка Хайретдинова
For become the first owner of Khairetdinov Cup «Nizhny» had to take a victory over MBA from Moscow.

The struggle did not start immediately. «Nizhny» worked well on the selection, MBA experienced problems with implementation. Only after by the middle of the quarter both the defenders and the big ones in black and white form began with enviable regularity to find variants under the ring «Nizhny» went in a break - 16:6, headed by Alexander Chadov and Sergey Toropov. And for the sake of credibility, Anton Astapkovich brought it from above. Up to the end of the segment Moscow have not come up with an antidote to the activity of «NN» in the three-second zone - 22:6.

At the start of the second ten minutes, the hosts set a comfortable advantage of 20 points - 28:8, and Zoran Lukić launched young players and Rolands Freimanis who arrived in team recently. It was almost seven minutes before the MBA was able to finish the ball from a three-point-worth game. However, Maxim Licutin and Rolands Freimanis immediately answered because of the arc - 40:12. And then a minute later, the fans were witnessed by three in the performance of Alexander Gankievich. At the last moments of the first half came the fourth and fifth bombs from Freimanis and Anton Astapkovich, and the score began to resemble a crushed - 46:15.

Second half

After returning from the locker room, MBA were able to add a little in the attack and found options mostly close to the paint. But nothing could stop «NN», especially the guys continued to make highlights: Astapkovich again carried on top, and Gankievich gave the second three - 70:44. The final segment became a formality. Zoran again threw in the fight some young players - Efim Vorontsov, Egor Sytnikov, Alexander Shashkov and Ilya Platonov made some results shots. And two minutes before the end of the match, Ivan Strebkov appeared after his injury. «Nizhny» calmly brought the match to victorious and became the first winner of the Khairetdinov Cup.

«Nizhny Novgorod» - MBA - 98:61

Anton Astapkovich was recognized as MVP MVP of the tournament. In the first match he scored 13 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 22 points for performance. The second has 19 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 27 points for performance.

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